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Project: Unborn - Episode 3 is almost half done. Development is going smoothly. But beside development of the regular game, I decided to add some extra stuff :) I am adding cheat codes to the Project: Unborn - Episode 3. But that is not all. The list of cheats is not final. Now, you can suggest cheat codes for the game I am currently working on. :) How? Visit this link to find out 

In short, by becoming $10 Patreon You are going to be able to suggest cheats for my games that are in development and I will add that cheat codes (big head mode, invisibility, red wolf, etc...).

Also, you can check out Episode 1 and 2 (Android, Web, Windows, Linux versions) on the official page

If you wish to support my work you can visit this page and find out more about the ways you can help MMM Games grow

And also, you can join in MMM Games Discord community on

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