Code: Evolved Owl update

#CodeEvolved - Owl Stage 4 is done! And at the same time, I finished work on the final stage. Neo Semidori Owl will find himself in the same place as Neo Semidori Wolf. But he will have his own bosses and challenges. 

On the screenshots, you can see Summoner Midori boss. This Midori will summon different creatures to attack you. But the special thing about the summoned creatures is that every creature is the boss from my first game done in #GameMaker 8 - All in Vain. This is appropriate since the Code: Evolved is going to be the last game I made in Game Maker 8. So, the circle is closed nicely :D 

Code: Evolved and White Wolf Collection is going to be released by the end of this year. In the meantime, you can check out Code: Evolved one hour long demo :)

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