Code: Evolved - last cut-scene!

Code: Evolved Wolf side of the story is finally done! And I started working on first (out of two) bonus stages for the wolf. And after that only 9 more stages for Owl side of the story remain to be done. But while I tested Wolf story I found out that there is a massive lag on Windows 10 (again). So after one whole day of work, I finally found underline problem. I still don't know why only Windows 10 had difficulties properly loading the game but... it doesn't matter. Everything works fine now! :)

This was a good thing because I found out that White Wolf 1 game has the same problem on Windows 10. So I will fix and upgrade White Wolf 1 (smoother controls, better animation on wolf, lower hp on some enemies...) and I will upload new version by the end of the next week :) 

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