Code: Evolved Big upgrade changes!

The first round of game testing (full Wolf side of the story) is done. And I got tons of useful feedback! But one of them stands out the most. There was too much grinding in the game. This is especially problematic because Code: Evolved is a Metroidvania type of game. So grinding for EXP really does not mesh well with exploration nature of the game. For that purpose, I redesign EXP system.

First, there is no more EXP. You can now upgrade your skills and status with EP (evo points). A system for upgrading your character is the same. But enemies won't give you EXP anymore. Now You'll have to find EVO orbs in stages. There are 19 Evo orbs and some of them will give you 1500 EP, some of them 3000 EP. This way player can upgrade the character in which order he wants, but the exploration core of the game will be preserved.. :)

So, what are the future plans for Code: Evolved? well... this is a big change. I will make stage 2 for Owl side of the story and I will upload DEMO v3. This demo will contain 2 Owl stages, 3 Wolf stages, and the new Evo orb system. This demo will fix small things too. Like better jumping, some enemy changes and so on... This is also going to be the last demo for Code: Evolved. So I hope you will like this new system and see you all soon with more Code: Evolved news. :)

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