Code: Evolved bonus stages

Code: Evolved - Owl stage 3 (out of 10) is almost done! After that, I'm starting to work on Wolf bonus stages 1 and 2. This bonus stages will be opened for the players who collected all the white (knowledge) crystals and all dream keys (from optional boss fights).

Bonus stages are now known as Subconscious 1 and Subconscious 2 and it will contain the only real Midori in the whole game. Alter ego Midori. This is going to be the most powerful boss fight in the game and his look and attacks will be different depending on who is fighting him (Owl or Wolf). But the rewards are going to be great!

All in all, the Code: Evolved development is going smoothly and at this rate, it should be done by the end of the year. In the meantime, you can check out a demo and tell me what you think. every feedback is welcome. You can also download updated version of Code: Evolved prequel called White Wolf 1.

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