Code: Evolved update

Code: Evolved Owl stage 3 is done. But there are few things that need additional attention. So I'll polish stage 3 a few more days. And after that 5 more Owl stages, 2 bonus Owl / Wolf stages and Owl final stage needs to be done. It sounds like a lot of work... and it is... but every major aspect of the game is already done. All I need to do is to make remaining stages that are already fully planned and done on paper. So the game should definitely be done by the end of the year :)

Also, I'm currently working on my first project in Game Maker Studio 2. Beyond Retrieval :) This game is fantasy dark Metroidvania that is set in the afterlife. The player will be able to control 3 angels (one at the time, but the player is going to be able to switch control between them at any time). The afterlife and our world are in the greatest danger so far. 12 Creators of both worlds can restore the balance between them only with the help from the angels! The game is still in a very early stage of development and Code: Evolved is still the main priority. 

You can try one hour-long Code: Evolved demo on :)

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