Code: Evolved small update

First of all, I'm sorry for slow updates on #CodeEvolved. I've been working on some #GameMaker tutorials and demos for the peoples who just started working in Game Maker. You can check them out on my official page

Also, I worked on options menu in Game Maker Studio 2 for #BeyondRetrieval . The options menu (sound, music volume, joystick mapping, resolution settings...) is done and it's going to be useful in many of my future games made in GMS2 :)

Now about Code: Evolved. I finished few boss fights and I started work on bonus stage 1 for Neo Semidori Wolf. The game is coming along quite nicely and the bonus stage should be done by the end of this week. After that, I will start working on a few remaining boss fights. I did everything I needed to do on my side projects so now I can be completely focused on Code: Evolved game. In the meantime, you can check Code: Evolved demo and tell me what you think. Every feedback is welcome :)

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